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We're blending our passion for making delicious food with our extensive knowledge of our cuisine to create authentic and classic dishes for your enjoyment. We use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and promise to give your taste buds something to be excited about.

Thank you for ordering directly from our website which helps us to provide the best service with a focus on top-quality ingredients. Enjoy your next meal to go—you will not be disappointed!

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Google Reviews

Brittany Johnson

We keep coming back! Specifically for the Szechuan green beans, Tommy's chicken and crispy lemon shrimp. The spicy cabbage is also something I look forward to each time.

Inez Rodríguez

You might have to wave down a waitress but they were friendly. Everything we ate was amaaaaaazing and delicious and good portions. So glad I finally made it here. Ps. The ribs were salty.

Cami Krech

Excellent food tour stop for the dried chili chicken and rice. We went on the day of the Chinatown festival and the staff was getting loads of folks coming into eat, but we still had great service. I highly recommend the oolong tea with the meal, and definitely try the Szechwan spices

Jacob Hicks

Excellent service and great spicy dishes. I think this location is the best out of the three locations that I've been to. The chilies and Sichuan peppers are very flavorful and abundant for their spicy offerings. The staff are professional, friendly, and attentive

Matthew Scaro

I've eaten here twice and both dishes were delicious. Jojo the waitress/manager is so friendly. This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown although I've admittedly only eaten at a few.

Etienne Pons

The food is obviously really good, in spite of a very intimidating menu that looks at first like a thousand pages novel. The menu offers a lot of choices that are all very authentic of the Chinese cuisine. The service is satisfactory and gives you a generally good experience